How To Rank A Video On Youtube Fast

Thank You For Watching My video on How To Rank A Video On Youtube Fast. YouTube is an untapped source of targeted traffic and with the right system it's a traffic source that you could take advantage of.

Now of course as you already know, Google and Facebook are both great sources of traffic and there's a good reason for that. Both of these sites can potentially bring in thousands of visitors every single day, but the big downside of Google and Facebook is that everyone and their mom is fighting tooth and nail on these platforms which makes them both insanely competitive.

That's simply not the case with YouTube. In fact a study by eMarketer found that only 9% of small businesses use YouTube, 9%. So yeah there's some competition on YouTube, but it's much less than on Google or Facebook even though the potential for generating traffic from YouTube is huge.

After all, you've probably seen some of these statistics before. YouTube is the second most visited website online. Yes, above Facebook. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine and 55% of all Google searches contain a video result. Now do you think having a presence on a platform of this size could help you get more traffic and customers?

You better believe it!

In fact my presence on YouTube has led to a direct increase in my number of visitors, email subscribers and online sales. For example look at what happens when I compare my YouTube view growth with my email subscriber growth. See how they overlap?

That's no coincidence